Tunnel engineering


Tunnel engineering

Creating connections

DÜRR Group GmbH has many years of experience in technical equipment for tunnel structures and traffic control systems. Implementing complex tunnel projects requires a particularly high level of design and engineering expertise. To be able to build a tunnel management system that is both safe and economical, it is important to accurately log and calculate all the relevant parameters and implement intelligent measurement and control systems.

To guarantee the highest safety standard and ensure a smooth flow of traffic, DÜRR Group GmbH delivers complete system solutions for centralised control technology and technical equipment for tunnel systems:

Parameter measurement and data capture
Control and switching centres
Fire alarm and protection systems
Emergency telephones
Communication systems
Lighting and ventilation

DÜRR Group GmbH offers a full service covering all aspects from the design of the systems to their maintenance. The bulk of the individual components are produced in-house in our own ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing facilities.

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