Zentrum am Berg
2020-09-01 11:36
by Dürr Group GmbH

Zentrum am Berg

electro-mechanical equipment

Client: Montan University Leoben
Completion: 08/2020
Road Tunnel: 2 x 400 m
Railway Tunnel: 1 x 400 m
1 x 150 m
Gallery System: overall length 2 km

Research on a 1:1 scale

With the Zentrum am Berg on the Styrian Erzberg, the Montan University Leoben operates a Europe-wide unique and independent research infrastructure for the construction and operation of underground facilities. Research institutions, companies and organizations can carry out research, tests and exercises under real conditions for operators and users of road and railway infrastructures as well as on aerodynamic issues, on safety in underground construction and operation and on material developments.

The facility includes two parallel road tunnels and two parallel railway tunnels with a length of 400 m each. These tunnels are connected to one another by cross passages and galleries. In total, the entire gallery system covers a length of 2 km.

More: www.zab.at/en/

Project Features

3 UPS units
24 aluminium pole with LED-lights
6 jet fans
2 axial fans
3 exhaust air flaps
4 crossway fans
16 traffic signs
2 info displays
13 escape route lights
2 dome cameras (supplied)
4 infrared cameras (supplied)
20 AKUT microphones (supplied)
2 emergency bays + 1 emergency roadside telephone
4 tunnel horns (supplied)
2 pressure chamber speaker (supplied)
4 local control units & 13 switches
46 km energy cabling & 14 km control cabling
6 km fiber optic cables


low voltage distribution boards


tunnel lights


LED-lane indicators


CCTV incl. video detection


system data points

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