Hardware Independent Automation


Now, for the first time, there is software available that covers all areas of industrial automation. The software, XAMControl, employs all the possibilities that modern software tools and high-level languages offer.

The system has been conceived as a redundant process control system for large, fail-safe systems. The high performance, the PLC programming in IEC-61131-3 and/or a high-level language and the automatic networking of the PLCs provide the foundation for fast and efficient engineering.



The System

A system for visualization, a system for programming and even a system for configuration – that is the software approach employed in the automation architectures of … yesterday. XAMControl contains everything you require in a single tool. Including a lot of other useful things … and surprises.

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You maintain control

XAMControl uses the latest software technologies for the visualization layer. The user support goes far further than the traditional expectations. Alarms and trends are available in real-time. The vector-based graphics permits loss-free scaling of all elements. Videos, mail, SMS – the complete communication is a direct component of the system.

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Server Level

The heart of the system

A real-time database, the flexibility of modern server concepts and true fail-safe operation – these aspects form the basis of what XAMControl can provide for your automation project. The most convincing and time-proven characteristic is the flexibility and stability of the system. Thanks to virtualization, XAMControl is future-proof and thus safeguards your investment.

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Field Level

Hardware-neutral Versatility

XAMControl supports a range of contemporary controllers, protocols and i/o modules. The flexibility and openness of the system guarantees short development time for new hardware components. In order to uphold the standard of quality, devices are continuously being tested and certified for use with XAMControl.

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EXWAY – Emergency Fire & Escape-Route-Lighting

The fastest route away from the danger zone

Exway is an effective fire and emergency escape-route lighting system for additional equipping of both new and existing tunnels. Well-thought-out safety systems are gaining importance particularly in view of recent fire catastrophes. In the case of a fire, Exway reliably shows the closest escape route even under exposure to heat and smoke.

Tunnel Lighting
Toplight Tunnel Lighting

Toplight Tunnelleuchten

Tunnel lighting for all applications

Tunnel lighting is one of those products which is only noticed when it fails or underperforms. Our Toplight tunnel lighting is designed for reliability, easy maintenance, optimal functioning and heavy-duty service in terms of both the lighting quality and material construction.

Using high-quality die-cast aluminum alloy, Toplight fulfills the strict requirements of the highest corrosion-resistance class and guarantees optimal energy efficiency with low loss ballast and intelligent switching.

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